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“We are indeed proud to be a part of the innovative firm, Infinity Innovations!  We believe in delivering infinite satisfaction to our customers business development partners through constant innovations. We assure you of quality services, and unmatched satisfaction level. Apart from our unique service designs, time discipline & quality are the factors for what we stand out. For all your marketing needs, Team Infinity is just a call away!”

A MBA-HR with undoubtedly impressive marketing and finance skills. Despite being in her mid-20’s, she loves socializing which is inconceivable among the young generation. Meeting new people, getting connected to them and strengthening the network is what she is specialized for. She definitely has some or other suitable service to offer to every business she meets.
A Master of E-Biz by degree, but is an expert in understanding businesses on the web. A think-tank who heartily believes in delivering quality services with a motive of connecting every business to the web. No luxury matches his love for Google and its products. He also believes that constant learning and upgrading is the only key to lead the market.
Hima Patel
An IT student who is in her early 20’s and definitely has best grades in her marksheets and medals to showcase but more than that, she has unbeatable practical knowledge in her field. She is eveready to try her hands in learning new things by experimenting them. She believes expertise comes from experiments!
A Civil Engineering baccalaureate, who never fails to experiment with e-gadgets and technology. Not only loves visiting new places but cherishes his joyous experience by sharing it with people around. He makes sure to spread positivity everywhere he goes. Watch out for him!